This section provides information regarding e-assessment as offered by WJEC. It covers what it is, what subjects are available and why your centre should consider e-assessment.


What is e-assessment?


e-Assessment involves the use of ICT; allowing the completion and marking of examinations on screen, removing the need for pen and paper. Certain subjects offered by WJEC have e-assessment as an option, others are compulsory. Where e-assessment is an option, there is no difference in content between on-screen and paper versions.


What subjects are offered with e-assessment?


The subjects offered with e-assessment by WJEC are listed below. Click on the links to view a demonstration of each (please note, your answers are not retained as these are for demonstration purposes only).

WJEC are required, by the regulators, to provide a back-up of the paper in case of technical difficulties on the day of the assessment.




Why should your centre consider e-assessment?


For your Students:


  • Whilst studying, many students are able to produce a lot of their work using a computer. Being computer-based, e-assessments allow candidates to complete exams in their normal way of working, which many may feel more comfortable with.
  • Being able to edit on-screen allows candidates to review their responses and make amendments accordingly, enabling them to submit a neat and tidy script.
  • Taking an exam via e-assessment may be of benefit to those students whose handwriting may be an obstacle to them completing an exam in a legible manner. Responses are typed, maintaining legibility.
  • Some candidates may be more positively engaged with an exam that uses technology rather than traditional pen and paper.
  • E-assessment assists greatly where audio is a fundamental part of an examination; in Modern Foreign Languages for example. Audio is delivered on an individual basis, via headphones, helping reduce background distractions and allowing the candidate to focus.
  • The software used has a number of colour options to help assist students with their visual requirements.


For your Centre


  • Your centre will have free access to a bank of past papers, going back 4 years. The bank is available at any time, through software provided free of charge by WJEC, and can be used for a number of purposes such as mock examinations, practice tests etc.
  • For non-live exams, practice and mock tests can be marked by the centre if they so wish. In some cases, the software will automatically mark some questions, reducing the amount of teacher marking required. Results will show in the software's administration interface immediately after marking.
  • Time management is simplified as tests have a built in countdown ensuring candidates receive their full amount of time allocated. For both Live exams and mock/practice tests, extra time can be assigned to your students where applicable.
  • For Live exams that are e-assessment, a significant amount of administration is automated. The exams only become available to you at the scheduled time and date. Once a candidate has finished, or their allocated time has elapsed, their script is automatically uploaded to us. This avoids the need to collect in, collate and then post off any physical scripts. The administration screen will inform you of which scripts we have received.




We actively encourage centres and students to use our on-screen assessments. For subjects where this is optional, trialling e-assessment in no way commits you to using it for Live exams. We appreciate that e-assessment is not a "one size fits all" and if you and your students decide that it's not for them, then the paper option is still there for you. It might be that some of your students will benefit from sitting their exam on-screen and some to remain on paper. It's perfectly acceptable to us for you to mix these formats.


However, for subjects where e-assessment is compulsory, it must be used.



What happens next?


Hardware requirements check:


WJEC uses the SecureAssess platform to administer on-screen assessments. The assessments themselves run through our free SecureClient software which will need to be installed on each of your PCs at your centre. Please check that your computers meet the hardware requirements listed in the following document:
Hardware requirements checklist


User accounts:


If you meet the hardware requirements then to start using e-Assessment at your centre please complete and return the staff data spreadsheet with details of your centre, the subject(s) of interest and contact information for Exams, IT and relevant Teacher. You will then receive log-in details from us for accessing SecureAssess.
Download Staff Data Sheet here


Software installation:


With accounts created, your IT will have access to download the SecureClient software for installation on to your PCs. This software will need to be installed prior to you being able to run any on-screen tests.


Once SecureClient has been installed you are then able to schedule and run your practice tests, based on the past papers available. Currently, the use of the system is unlimited and is available to you all year round.If you have any further questions about e-assessment, please contact the e-assessment team on 029 2026 5328 or email e-assessment@wjec.co.uk.